be okay

von | 31.Mai.2023 | Poesie | 0 Kommentare

“Be feminin” they say,
“Don’t be too loud”,
“It’s the best to shut your mouth”.
“Come on darling, you’ll be okay”.

I am okay, it’s okay, I’ll be okay…

“You look tired”,
“Nah too much make-up, that’s not what I admired”,
“Babe you dress too masculine”,
“Don’t show that much skin, do you want to open your legs for Rasputin?”.

I am okay, it’s okay, I’ll be okay…

“Don’t be like that”,
“Don’t think about every crap”,
“Why can’t you be just like other women?”,
“Come on, smile! It doesn’t make you less human”.

Am I okay? Is it okay? Will I be okay?

I’m tired,
I’m okay with not being admired.
I just want peace.
I am okay with peace.
Please let me live in peace.

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