ain‘t no credit cards or fast rewards gonna free me from my problems,

it‘s the weakness, between us that can‘t keep us both united.

you have a hectic life, without me as your wife, you really must be sleeping.

you got no choice but to perceiving,

that these are the things that I believe in:


money rules the world but can‘t buy you love

you underestimate the real connection between two souls because you hustle to the death 

and think you got no time for all of that



the key is to organize your time correctly

always be directly but never disrespect me


if we will go along the path together:


we’ll stay together

we‘ll die together


there is no getting out,

as a family, be proud.



and if it happens that I have to leave,

never ever misperceive




with or without my presence,

you’ll still sense my love.

time rushes
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