How can I explain the multiverse?

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People have always looked up in wonderment at the sky.
For thousands of years it has been a source of inspiration and curiosity with its infinite number of sparkling lights, as well as the different phases of the companion of the Earth and the daily ascending and sinking donor of Earth’s life.

A similar fascination triggers chess.
Chess makes you think, annoy, sometimes despair. In chess you are one with spacetime.
Your thoughts, the scenarios that you play through in your mind, spread out faster than the actual medium, meaning the game that you are surrounding and, at that moment, stands still relative to you.
Every truth has its own reality and only you decide what becomes real in your universe.
Think carefully about which move you make.
Like a natural constant that decides how the game can evolve.
There is no turning back. Never stand still!
Stay in motion.
Play the game and check everything on your way. Because it’s your game

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